Developer recruitment across borders

Developer recruitment across borders


Facing a tech talent shortage in the Nordics, Devate was founded to be part of the solution. We are an international recruitment agency helping our clients to recruit developers and other software professionals across borders.

We find talents through our partner network and by using the most advanced technology to search, attract and evaluate candidates. Whether as employer or employee, you can leave all the details about relocation to us. We’ll take care of it!


The Nordic countries have long been role models for social development, equality and human rights. This has also helped them to shine in the technology and startup scenes. There's just one problem: where to find the right people to steer the way ahead? There are estimates that in Finland alone the need for developers accounts to over 10 000 workers and more than 50 000 in the Nordics, and the numbers are growing each time!

Despite the success in many fields, Finland and the Nordics do not have the same appeal the US does concerning its work environment. This might be because of limited country branding and, foremost, a lack of channels between potential recruits abroad and recruiters in Finland.

On the bright side, there are less borders in the world today and this trend seems to continue. We at Devate believe in solving recruitment challenges at hand and that recruiting should also be done without borders.


1) Bring effective and sustainable solutions to fight the Nordic tech talent shortage
2) Be the most trusted agency in tech talent recruitment across borders
3) Make recruitment more convenient by innovating and implementing new technology-powered tools and processes


Contact Us

Janne Nieminen

My name is Janne Nieminen and I’m interested in problem solving. On the outside I might look tranquil, but in my head there’s always a storm of new ideas I’m working on. I established Devate with my partners to be a playground to solve real-world challenges on the Nordic labour market and to find effective and sustainable solutions that help companies to recruit people across borders. I’m always reaching for simplicity - why make things more difficult than they need to be?

My background is in ICT, HR and recruitment in the technology field as well as entrepreneurship. I’ve been working successfully for and with corporations, SMEs and startups. I’m ready to run an extra ultramarathon to meet my clients’ needs to find the brightest bulb on the porch to light up their team.


Mika Rekola

My name is Mika Rekola and I’m a builder. You will probably see me building outstanding companies, successful projects, friendships, experiences and everything that makes an idea a concrete reality. I love helping with the challenges companies struggle with and learning in the process. The more difficult the problem is, the more I want to solve it. I started Devate because I believe the most important asset a company can have is good people.

My background is in ICT, project leadership and being an entrepreneur. I’ve been working with multinational on-site and off-shore teams for the last 12 years and negotiated agreements with several information technology providers and consulting companies.


Juho Toivola

Hi! I'm Juho Toivola, a digital business psychologist who is constantly looking for new ways of doing things more efficiently. At Devate, I'm responsible for the planning and implementation of innovative recruitment technologies. In my free time, I like to do orienteering and travel the world. My background is in corporate HR leadership and executive level talent assessments.


Kristian Kurikka

Boom! Here comes a straightforward serial entrepreneur slash dad slash psychologist. My role is to help our customers to be able to use the latest digital psychological assessment practices.


Maria Essen

Lawyer, Master in Political Science

Works in an advisory role for work permits and immigration topics related to Devate recruits.



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